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As 2016 comes to a close, I want to take the time, not to dwell on the past year, but to plan for the future. The end of a year often brings many thoughts to surface, especially negative thoughts such as “what could I have done differently” or “if only this situation would’ve had a different outcome” and I don’t want to end 2016 or begin 2017 with that mentality. So, instead, I want to make & share my goals for the upcoming year:

  • be more carefree
    • being the oldest child of 4, I’ve always had to be mature and somewhat maternal. even to this day, at the ripe age of 21, I’m known by many as “mama Bella”. I love & embrace my nickname but my last semester of college is right around the corner & I’d finally like to feel like I don’t always have to be perfect or do everything by the book
  • start & end my day with Jesus
    • every morning & evening I read my devotional through an app I have on my phone but I’d really like to find a devotion book to start (if you have any suggestions I’d really love to hear them!!!)
    • just become stronger in my faith in general
  • get back into working out
    • after about an 8 month break…hehe oops
    • but on a real note, I started 2016 off working out 4-5 times a week with my old roomie (s/o to Jess, luv u) & I don’t think I’ve ever felt healthier – mentally, physically, and emotionally – than I did then
  • be confident & comfortable with the idea of moving out of state
    • in the fall I’ll be moving out of state to go to grad school & pursue my master’s degree & I still not sure how I feel about leaving my family & having to make new friends….maybe I’ll get over my social awkwardness in 2017 (fingers crossed)
  • be more independent
    • continuing off my previous goal, I really want to learn how to do things such as file my taxes, change a tire, & open a tight jar myself so I can survive on my own when I move away
  • implement a thankful jar
    • I will write down something I’m thankful for each day of 2017, place it in a jar, then at the end of the year I will open & read them
    • now I just have to make the jar🙂
  • write more
    • I want to upload a new post at least once a week
  • be less crass & hard to love
    • especially to the people I care for the most
    • I’d like to hear “why are so mean” less & “you are so nice” more this next year
  • drink less (or no) alcohol
    • my 22nd birthday will be an exception….I already planned which winery I will be attending
  • travel
    • hopefully I’ll finally be able to leave the country if my mom follows through on my graduation present *hint hint, Kelly*
  • drink less coffee and more green tea
    • I replaced my morning coffee with green tea, honey, & lemon for a week or so this past semester & could definitely see an improvement in my skin & my energy level
    • but I won’t be too disappointed in myself if I don’t hold myself to this one; I just love coffee too much

I know 2016 has been a hard year for a lot of people but I urge you to make some goals for this next year, even if you think they’re silly or small! You gotta start somewhere😊

-B Grace out✌️

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